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Huge congratulations to David Cooksey who has just been awarded his Renault Master Technician certificate, the highest recognised technical level in the motor vehicle industry. 

 David has worked hard to develop his skills and expertise through the tough 15-day course at the Renault Training Centre. Now, at the pinnacle of his career, he is as a recognised Renault Master Technician; meaning David is responsible for diagnosing, repairing and replacing parts for Renault customers and will also be helping our other apprentices at Kineholme.

Kineholme After Sales Director Darren Buckley said: “Achieving the Renault Master Technician status which is highest level technician standing is an outstanding achievement and a true testimony to David’s continued hard work.”

Along with Alistair, we now have two master technicians at Kineholme which will allow us to maintain the highest quality of our customer care. All technicians at Kineholme are encouraged to advance their skills through training and work towards attaining manufacturer accreditations.

Added: 11 December 2017